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My name is Bayta, I'm a lady. I'm nothing like a lady, but I am a lady none the less.

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  • Diyanotom said:

    meeC is a TYI, but wavy locks are in the shop c: and you can always combine it with kawaii hair fringe dye although when it's a different colour it doesn't look quite as natural x-x (5 years ago (Mar 21st, 2016))

  • Diyanotom said:

    A combination of wavy locks and meeC! C:
    (5 years ago (Mar 21st, 2016))

  • Christopher said:

    i watch too much youtube. Where i tend to quote shit i see there and no one knows wtf I am on about. :B And i love it. (5 years ago (Mar 16th, 2016))

  • Christopher said:

    :P was teasing. (5 years ago (Mar 14th, 2016))

  • Christopher said:

    where da fuk did u go? (5 years ago (Mar 11th, 2016))

  • imagiination said:

    No u /oozes/ (5 years ago (Mar 9th, 2016))