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Hellohelloooo, welcome! The names Arcius (aka Brandi). I'm one of the artists here on Caedon, I feel like I've slowly began to take over the site with how many things I've made.. I've also been around as an artist for the site since Jan 2017!

Irl, I do volunteer work for a charity in my area about 2-3 days a week, and I'm also a Lead Pixel Artist for another site. I seem to do all the things. all the things

Anywhoozle, I'm 23 as of march 11th. I have 3 cats, Harley, Lux, and Bear, and my boyfriends cat Mage. And as I mentioned moments ago, I also have a child. She's this cute little menace, most definitely my kid, that's for sure. I'm a big fan of pokemon, animal crossing, coffee, and art, and sometimes reading, but depends on mood. I also come from a celtic descent of paganism, so that's always fun. My passion is to create, as you can assume. Oh, and I'm also very much so a night owl.

Also, on occasion, I use Discord, so feel free to add me =u=
Arcius #3414

My Comments

  • star2000shadow said:

    Done hun. (6 days ago (Jul 14th, 2019))

  • star2000shadow said:

    Trade started. (7 days ago (Jul 13th, 2019))

  • Deka Mivy said:

    hiiii (2 months ago (May 26th, 2019))

  • Matonya said:

    You're most welcome too, of course! ~.^ (2 months ago (May 22nd, 2019))

  • Matonya said:

    Thank you very much! ^.^ <3 I love the artwork that you and the others have done for the site! (2 months ago (May 22nd, 2019))

  • oOo Dawnpainterz oOo said:

    Thank you so much! ; u ; (6 months ago (Jan 6th, 2019))